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Correct Timber selection

Australian Hardwoods on offer are amongst the most durable, versatile and robust timber species in the world.
Because of the extreme external conditions in Australia, at Garde Timber, we offer a superior range of hardwoods with high durability, naturally resistant to insect attacks and a high resistance to decay & fungal activity.
Over level of expertise will ensure the correct timber selection for your application to ensure maximum performance for your project.

  • F14/F17 Unseasoned Hardwood
  • F17 Appearance Grade


  • F17/F27 Kilm Dried hardwood

Durable species available (Spotted Gum)


  • Treated Hardwood H1-H6 Hazard Level

For above ground exposed, in-ground or marine exposure.


External Cladding


  • Weatherboards 175x25mm
  • Chamferboard 122x19mm
  • Shiplap 122x19mm
  • Treated Pine Chamferboard



Landscaping Hardwood and Fencing Timbers


  • Hardwood Sleepers
  • Residential Fence Posts
  • Rails & Pailings
  • Large Feature Posts For Commerical Jobs



External Step Treads & Handrails

  • High Durability
  • Ironbark or Spotted Gum


Hardwood Internal Step Treads

  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • Bluegum



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Eco Credentials

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