Engineered Laminated Timber

For a competitive edge, Garde Timber offers a range of engineered timber products for a range of structural components including floor joists, bearers, rafters and beams.

These products are: 

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Accurate to size
  • Produced in long lengths
  • Engineered with large end sections to replace solid timbers
  • Engineer certified
  • Better strength-to-size and weight ratios
  • Available with a range of treatment options for durability

Products listed below or Contact us today for a custom quote for your job.


hySPAN is one of the more commonly used laminated veneer lumbers (LVL) in Australia. This product is produced from plantation timber, which is then rotary peeled, dried and laminated together to create an appealing continuous length. This is in accordance with AS/NZS4357.

hySPAN can be applied to rafters, floor joists, beams and lintels, and has termite protection available. All hySPAN is sourced from sustainable forests.

Available as:

  • H2-S Glue line treated
  • H2 LOSP Treated
  • H3 LOSP Treated 
Size (mm) 35 mm 45 mm 63mm 75mm
90   × ×  
130 × × ×  
150 × × × ×
170 × × ×  
200 × × ×  
240   × ×  
300   × × ×
360   × ×  
400   × × ×
450   × ×  
525       ×
600     × ×

HyJoist – Engineered I Beam

hyJOIST is a light, yet strong merger of structural laminated veneer lumber flanges and plywood connected by a Type A waterproof bond. This engineered beam to mostly suited to applications including floor joists, commercial flooring, roof rafters and low pitch commercial systems. hyJoist is sourced from sustainable plantations and has EWPAA stringent quality control certification. This product can be treated with protection against termites, insects, and harsh weather.

Available as:

  • H2-S Glue line treated
  • H2 LOSP Treated

hyJOIST H2-S is available in all sizes.  hyJOIST H2-S is treated against termites south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Other treatment levels are available from suppliers on request, but treatment is limited to above ground use and hyJOIST is not suitable for weather exposed applications. hyJOIST cannot be treated or used in ground contact applications.

Size (mm) 45 mm 63 mm 90 mm
200  ×    
240 ×  ×  × 
300 ×  ×  × 
360   ×  × 
400     × 

GluLam GL17 Pine Laminated Beams

GL17 is suitable for indoor and outdoor, above ground applications in Australia.

The renowned natural strength of timber is enhanced with our glue laminating process, ensuring Beam 17 is comparatively lightweight and ideal for long span / high load applications. Beam 17 is ideal for lintels over large window and door openings, garage openings or roof beams where spans over large spaces are dictated by design.

Readily available in a range of the most commonly specified sizes and lengths, GL17 Laminated Pine Beams are versatile and more practical to install than steel.

Sizes range from 130mm up to 560mm in width, and either come in a thickness of 65mm or 85mm.

GL 17 will be supplied pre-cambered in B grade finish unless otherwise specifically requested.A Select Appearance Grade may be custom ordered.

Engineered Timber Products
Engineered Timber Products
Engineered Timber Products

Glulam Hardwood Laminated Beams GL18C

This type of engineered timber is manufactured from a blend of Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash trees. These timbers are renowned for their durability and premium structural grade. In their various applications they have exceptional structural quality and load performance, and as an exposed beam are decorative and aesthetically rich. Ideal application for Glulam Hardwood Laminated Beams is for exposed beams, lintels, purloin, rafters, joists, bearers, hanging beams and posts.

This product comes in a variety of sizes. Get in contact with the team at Garde Timber today for a customised quote.

Appearance Grade GL17 Kwila Laminated Beams

Kwila or Merbau Laminated Engineered  Beams are produced by a licensed manufacturer from small pieces of Kwila timber using a durable, structural glue. They are ideal for use in structures where the beauty of a rich red/brown hardwood is to be expressed or where superior strength is required.  They stay straighter are available in longer lengths than solid timber beams. Refer to Magna Beam Span Tables.

Supplied in appearance grade A which means it is free of knots / other defects and is smoothly dressed ready for clear coating or painting.

Kwila is listed as a bushfire resisting timber and PRF adhesive does not affect the fire performance of glulam. Consequently our Kwila Laminated Beams are suitable for construction in bush-fire prone areas.

Kwila Laminated Beams are resistant to termite attack.

Standard sizes

  • Lengths: can be made in any length up to 8m.
  • Widths: 35mm, 42mm, 65mm, 80mm
  • Depth: 70mm, 90mm, 115mm, 140mm,
  • 165mm, 190mm, 240mm, 290m


  • Timber: Kwila (Merbau) Intsia bijuga
  • Moisture: 12-16%
  • Strength: GL17
  • Adhesive: Phenol Resorcinol Formaldehyde
  • Service Class: Suitable for Class 3 environments.
  • Appearance grade: A
  • Can be substituted for Laminated Stair Treads and Stringers

Glulam Hardwood Laminated Beams GL21C

  • Engineered structural Beams suited to both Internal and external above ground applications delivering a high load and long span suitability in a natural Timber Tone of Queensland native Hardwoods.
  • Available in both Standard Grade (Mixed Hardwoods) and Select Appearance Grades  (Spotted Gum)
  • Durability Class 1 (Above Ground) Timber Species
  • Naturally bushfire resistant*BAL-29 rated timber species
  • Naturally termite resistant


   Depth mm


65 mm

120, 155, 185, 215, 245, 280, 300, 315, 350, 380, 410

2.4 – 9.0

85 mm

120, 155, 185, 215, 245, 280, 300, 315, 350, 380, 410, 445, 475, 505, 535, 570, 600

2.4 – 9.0