Decking & Screening

Timber has long been used to build an attractive and practical addition to the home. A timber deck provides an area for relaxation and entertaining. Due to the extreme external conditions in Australia, Garde Timber offers a range of high durability architectural decking and screening products.

To ensure outstanding performance in domestic and commercial applications, Garde Timber specialises in both Class 1 and 2 durability species. Our timber species are naturally resistant to insect attacks and have a high resistance to decay, fungal activity and fire rated.

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Choosing your Grade of Native Hardwood Decking

The grade of native hardwood decking in Australia is determined based on the size and number of clear pieces that can be obtained when a wood product is cut up. Grading is not based on a single opinion, but actual measurements of clear sections and definitions for defects. At Garde Timber, we offer Select, Standard and Better Grade decking.

Select Grade Decking

This grade is the highest quality of timber decking offered in the Australian market, and is compliant under Australian wood standards, AS1684 and AS1720. Select Grade comprises of tight 15 millimeters or little knotting, no trace of gum vein, and marginal checking and sticker marks. A Select Grade native timber product is ideal for someone who wants to buy the most superior decking product on the market.This grade is ordered in on request and at a large premium

Standard and Better Grade Decking

Standard and Better Grade is the best of both worlds for affordability and quality. It’s one of the most popular decking grades here at Garde Timber. This high quality grade is sourced from native Queensland logs, and comes with a variety of natural features which enhance the appearance without compromising the integrity of the wood. Our standard Grade decking in Spotted Gum and Red Ironbark is approximately 70 % Select Grade at a standard grade pricing.We only stock this grade

Feature Grade Decking

Feature Grade wood for decking is a structurally sound option for people who would prefer a natural or feature appearance, without the additional expenses associated with a cleaner looking product. The defects occurring in Feature Grade wood allow for a unique appearance on the finished product.

This product is subject to availability and not stocked at Garde Timber.

Native Hardwood Decking Options

Imported Hardwood Decking

Commercial Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Screening Slats

AFS Chain of Custody

Garde Timber stocks Boral Decking Timber which has implemented AFS Chain of Custody certification to support responsible and sustainable forest management in Australia.

Boral Timbers Chain of Custody certification meets the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) AS 4707-2006. AFCS has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) – the largest forest management certifier in the world.

All Boral Timber manufacturing sites are Chain of Custody certified, meaning all products from these sites are certified and can be traced from processing to distribution, and are produced using certified, legal and sustainably managed sources.

Timber in bushfire prone areas

In many parts of Australia, the construction of new buildings and additions to existing buildings will be assessed as being in a Bushfire Prone Area. The relevant Australian Standard — AS 3959 — provides for a range of Bushfire Attack Levels for proposed construction. Each Level is based on the assessed threat and as the assessed threat increases, so do the restrictions on the building materials that may be used. Where there are restrictions on the building materials, timber is permitted in the lower levels provided the timber species meets certain criteria.

There are 2 main criteria:

  1. For some applications, AS 3959 indicates that there are no requirements or permits the use of timber. For such applications any timber may be used (where appropriate) provided that the timber meets the requirements of all the other standards and codes that apply to the construction.
  2. For some applications, AS 3959 restricts the use of timber to a fire-retardant-treated timber. However, the Standard does provide that some timber species are capable of meeting the required parameters (for resisting fire) without having to be subjected to fire retardant treatment. Again, the timber used must meet the requirements of all the other standards and codes that apply to the construction.