MDF Wall Linings

Medium Density Fibreboard Wall and Ceiling lining is a cost-effective sheeting product for residential new homes and colonial renovations as well as extensions for both contemporary and heritage styles.

Also used widely for commercial applications including commercial shop fitouts and offices where a quality paint finish is required. External options also available in Weathertex Masonite. A full range of MDF Mouldings also available.

9mm MR (Moisture Resistant) MDF ‐ Wall / Ceiling Linings

VJ Profile  – 100 mm Centres

PANEL SIZE (H x W) Product Code Raw Finish Product Code   Primed  Finish
900 x 1200 RAVJ0912 PRVJ0912
1200 x 1200 RAVJ1212 PRVJ1212
2400 x 1200 RAVJ2412 PRVJ2412
2700 x 1200 RAVJ2712 PRVJ2712
3000 x 1200 RAVJ3012 PRVJ3012
3300 x 1200 RAVJ3312 PRVJ3312
3600 x 1200 RAVJ3612 PTVJ3612
4200 x 1200 RAVJ4212 PRVJ4212
4500 x 1200 PRVJ4512
5400 x 1200 PRVJ5412

Primed Beaded – 150mm Centres

PANEL SIZE (H x W) Product Code  Primed Finish
2400 x 1200 PRTB15024
3000 x 1200 PRTB15030
3600 x 1200 PRTB15036

Primed 9.5mm Weathertex Semi‐External Wall Linings

VJ Profile ‐ 100mm Centres

PANEL SIZE (H x W) Product Code Primed Finish
2700 x 1200 PRWT2712
3600 x 1200 PRWT3612

Primed Special Grooved Centres ‐ 9mm (MR) MDF Wall / Ceiling Linings

  • Specials are made to order and are not returnable for  credit
  • Special Grooved centres attract a minimum machinery setup charge of $40.00 Excl GST
  • Centres Available: 63mm, 70mm, 86mm, 90mm, 96mm, 100mm, 133mm, 140mm & 150mm
  • Panel Width is determined by profile centres
  • Panel Lengths: 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm & 3600mm
  • 4500mm & 5400mm Also Available ‐ POA
PANEL SIZE (H x W) Product Code Primed Finish
2400 x 1200 PRVJSVC2412
2400 x 1200 PRTBSBC2412
2700 x 1200 PRVJSVC2712
2700 x 1200 PRTBSBC2712
3000 x 1200 PRVJSVC3012
3000 x 1200 PRVJSVC3012
3600 x 1200 PRTBSBC3612
3600 x 1200 PRTBSBC3612

A Full Range of MDF Raw and Primed Mouldings including architrave, skirtings and cornices are also available.