Timber Coatings

External coatings for timber products


Internal coating for timber products


Cabots Cabothane Oil Based Varnish 

Cabot’s Cabothane Clear Oil Based is a clear polyurethane for doors, windows, trim and furniture. It is a durable, hard wearing varnish that enhances timber grain

Sizes:- 500 ML

Clean Up – Turps

Coverage – 16m2/Lt

Fillers and adhesives

For the filling of cracks,splits,insect or bolt holes,we carry a range of Epoxy fillers to repair your Timber Slab yourself to get a professional finish when ready to coat or polish.Just ask our team for advice on what product is recommended for your special piece of mother nature.


Epox-E-Glue is specially formulated for joining timber and other things with a high strength fully water proof bond. Epox-E-Glue is a thixotropic epoxy glue paste which can bridge gaps with a full strength material. EpoxEGlue is a 1 part epoxy resin to 1 part hardener mix which are mixed together to produce a paste which is put onto one side of the joint. The joint is then assembled, and held together (but not tightly clamped, as that can squeeze all the Epox-E-Glue out of the joint). Overnight, the Epox-E-Glue will harden into a strong glassy whiteish material which grips tenaciously to the two sides of the joint. The bond is stronger than most timbers, and epoxy glue can be used to bond most materials to most materials. (But not some plastics, and some other plastics and metals require special preparation). Epox-E-Glue is especially good at adhering to concrete and masonry.

Epox-E-Glue is formulated to be tolerant of small inaccuracies in the amount of part A and part B. Estimating the amounts carefully by eye is sufficiently accurate. EpoxEGlue can also be used to fill gaps, set bolts into holes drilled in concrete and a million other attaching, gluing and fixing jobs.

Also used for Filling cracks and Natural feature in Timber boards and Slabs

200 Gram or 600gram Kits available

Epoxy Pigment Paste 100 grams

Bright primary colours to colour your epoxy. Just a little goes a long way, we suggest 1% as a starting point. Available in Black,great for filling cracks in all of our Timber Slabs as when mixed with Epox-E-Glue,looks like natural feature in the Timber



Glass Coat Epoxy Resin – 2 Part System

Epoxy resin is a clear 2-part, pour-on or brush-on, coating which is fairly thick compared to clear polyurethane or other clear finishes.

Resin component, used in conjunction with Glasscoat Premium Timber Finish Part B – Hardener to form an epoxy resin system that provides a tough, durable and high gloss coating used for coating wood, veneer,  metal, stone, painted surfaces,  table tops and many other surfaces to give a rich  super gloss look and protect from scratching and and air humidity with no Odour .Also used for filling large Knots or holes in Timber boards and Rustic Slabs.

Available in

2 x 250 ML Kit

2 X 500 ML Kit