Stair Timbers

At Garde Timber, we supply a range of native and imported durable hardwood stair components to suit any budget for the DIY, trade or commercial application for both internal and external weather exposed application.

Many people opt for a stair construction of house treads into stringers. Flights can be built with ‘open treads’, which is without risers, or ‘closed treads’ with riser boards. Open tread stairs are suggested for external use as they offer superior air circulations, allowing exposed timber to dry more quickly, subsequently improving resilience.

Single piece step treads are also available for single spine fabricated metal, stringers or galvanized steel stringers which are pre-fabricated. These are supplied docked to length and finished sanded for installation, polishing, oiling or painting.  

As Garde Timber is a timber merchant, we only supply the separate raw material components and do not make up the staircase or house out the Stringers.

External Hardwood Stair  Timbers

This is supplied in Class 1 durability Red Ironbark, which is naturally termite resistant.

There is minimal shrinkage and end split, and can be oiled for a natural colour finish with our range of Sikkens or Intergrain external coatings.

We do not supply stringers pre-housed.





250 x 50 mm

Sawn Unseasoned Red Ironbark

F17 (Stocked 1.8 – 4.2m )

Lengths to 6.0

300 x 50 mm

Sawn Unseasoned Red Ironbark

F17 (Ex-Sawmill)

Lengths to 6.0 m


Internal Solid Hardwood Stair  Timbers

This is currently available in a variety of species including Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Bluegum, Grey Ironbark, Brush Box, Kwila/Merbau, and Pacific Jarrah.

Our lengths are sold in 300mm increments up to six metres in length.

Dressed Sizes available in millimetres.

  • 240 x 42 / 265 x 42 / 285 x 42
  • 240x x32 / 265 x 32 / 285 x 32
  • 250 x 47 (Kwila only)
  • 190 x 19 Riser Material
  • Special widths of tread can be machined to customers orders between 240 – 285 mm


  • Select Grade (minimal natural feature)
  • Standard Grade (moderate natural feature)

Internal Laminated Hardwood Stair Timbers

With large solid sections of Hardwoods becoming scarce due to diminishing log girth, we are now offering more laminated solid hardwood step treads edge-glued to make up larger sections from smaller pieces of Timber. These are engineered with strength and extra stability in varied atmospheric conditions.

Available in both imported and Australian native hardwood. Our range of laminated internal stair timbers include:

Native Australian Hardwoods

Garde Timber currently have the following species available for internal timber stairs:

  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • Bluegum
  • Grey or Red Ironbark
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Brushbox
  • Red Mahogany

The sizes range from 240 – 285mm wide x 32/42/60/90mm thick. Solid Riser material is 190 x 19mm.

The grade of this timber is Select and comes in continuous length boards usually up to 4.8 metres. Finger jointed butt can be joined to 6 metres.

Custom sizes can be made up from these standard sizes for Winders and Landings.

Kwila/Merbau Imported Laminated Step Material

Our sizes of Kwila come in 240 – 290mm wide by 32/42/65/85mm thick. Solid Riser material is 190 x 19mm.

The grade of this product is Select, with lengths up to 6 metres.

Our team is available to cut customs sizes from the standard sizes mentioned for applications including winders and platforms. 

Garde Timber Stair Material Services

Garde Timber can provide the following services for timber stair products:

  • Docking to length
  • Machining to non-standard sizes
  • Edge routing and finishing sanding
  • Polishing Single Treads for Single Spine Stringers in 2 Pack Polyurethane

Contact Garde Timber for a quotation on your timber stair requirements.