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Try our Garde Timber Decking Calculator

Work out your Timber Area M3 and Linear Meters

If you are about to renovate your home or you just need to start a new deck you want to be sure you only buy what you need. Ordering all the timber you need at the same time will ensure the timber quality and colours and shade remain the same. Timber can have slight colour variations from batch to batch so get what you need the first time.

Garde Timber has created this specialised timber calculator to help you work out the area of wood you need. If you know the overall dimension simply enter them below and get your Area m3. If you are unsure what you need but would like to know the area simply call us today and we will help you find our your timber needs. Call  07 3277 6848.

Timber Planking Calculator

Area to Cover


Width of Board:

Width in mm.
0mm to 500mm

Width of Spacing:

Width in mm.
0mm to 100mm

Wastage Factor:

Number is a percentage


Total m2 required:


Total LM required: