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To ensure outstanding performance in domestic and commercial applications, Garde Timber specialises in both Class 1 and 2 durability species.

Timber Decking & Screening Solutions

Specialists in customised timber solutions for your next DIY renovation.

Timber has long been used to build an attractive and practical addition to the home. A timber deck provides an area for relaxation and entertaining. Due to the extreme external conditions in Australia, Garde Timber offers a range of high durability architectural decking and screening products.

To ensure outstanding performance in domestic and commercial applications, Garde Timber specialises in both Class 1 and 2 durability species. Our timber species are naturally resistant to insect attacks and have a high resistance to decay, fungal activity and fire rated. Contact Garde Timber today to discuss the best timber product selection for your application, along with a competitive quote.

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Product Options

  • Native Australian Hardwood Decking

    Red Ironbark

    Garde Timber’s Red Ironbark species is a large hardwood with deeply furrowed, grey or black bark. It grows to 30 metres in height and 0.7 metres in diameter. It is the most widely distributed of the Ironbark’s and occurs across the Great Dividing Range and inland Australia.

    Ironbark extends from Sydney to Cairns, growing on a wide variety of soils, and is drought and frost resistant. All red ironbark decking is kiln dried to 12-15 % moisture content.



    The heart wood is a deep, dark red to red-brown, while the sapwood is a distinctive yellow.


    The timber’s texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain. It is extremely hard wearing and highly durable, allowing for wide range of external applications.


    Above Ground Decking Class 1  / In-ground Class 1 and Fire Rated

    Sizes Available

    68 x 19 / 86 x 19 / 135 x 19 / 140 x 25 / 135 x 32 mm   ( In stock)


    Standard or Better Grade

    Decking Lengths

    Decking in random lengths from approx. 0.9 – 4.8 m

    Screening Set Lengths:

    0.9 – 3.0 m lengths (300 mm increments)

  • Native Australian Hardwood Decking

    Spotted Gum

    Spotted Gum is recognised as one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods. Its striking appearance is completed with a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber solution for a range of structural and decking applications.

    Spotted Gum is the common name given to four species of this tree that grow along the East Coast of Australia – from northern Victoria all the way up to the northern tablelands of Queensland. It also grows in some areas of Southern Queensland.

    The appearance of the Spotted Gum trunk is straight, slender with a smooth bark which sheds in patches – hence the characteristic spotted look. All spotted gum decking supplied at Garde Timber is kiln dried to 12-15% moisture content and set length  screening for external can be unseasoned .


    The heartwood ranges from light brown through to dark brown with occasional pinkish hues. Sapwood is usually white in colour and up to 50mm wide. The occurrence of a wavy grain in the wood can produce an attractive fiddle-back figure. The wood has a slightly greasy feel, a characteristic that aids machining and boring.


    Moderately coarse textured and variable. Gum veins common. The presence of wavy grain can produce an attractive fiddle back figure


    Above Ground Decking Class 1/In-ground Class 2 and Fire Rated. Fire retarding properties meet Australian Standards AS3959, and so can be used in bush-fire prone areas without any treatment

    Sizes Available

    42 x 19 / 68 x 19 / 86 x 19 / 135 x 19 / 140 x 25 / 135 x 32 mm  (In stock)


    Standard and Better  Grade –all  Pencil Round Edges – flat 2 faces

    Decking Lengths

    Decking  in Random Lengths are 0.9 – 4.8 m

    Screening Set Lengths

    42 x19  / 68 x 19 / 90 x 19 mm   0.9 – 3.6 m lengths (300 mm increments)

  • Imported Hardwood Decking

    Merbu/Kwila Hardwood

    Merbau, sometimes referred to as Kwila, is a popular timber solution ideally suited to outdoor timber decking applications. It’s commonly found in areas such as South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and Northern Queensland. It offers a beautiful grain and is regarded as one of the world’s most resilient timbers.

    An abundance of natural oil in the wood ensures your deck looks good, is easy to maintain and lasts for many years…in all conditions!

    Certification and chain of custody systems, including DNA tracking, will provide assurance that the wood is from legal and/or well managed forests. We only sell this product that has Chain of Custody certification as Merbau is a diminishing rainforest species. Garde timber prefers to sell local species in lieu where possible. All Decking Kiln Dried to 12-15 % moisture content.

    When you mix Merbau/Kwila with water the timber releases a huge amount of tannin, so care must be taken around pools and ponds, light coloured driveways or paths, painted, paved or tiled areas, or anywhere where there is a risk of staining due to tannin bleeds. Garde Timber only sells Select Grade Merbau hardwood decking. Please be aware of lower quality sold at budget prices.



    The attractive yellow-orange brown hue of freshly cut heartwood deepens or reddens with ageing. This contrasts markedly with the Merbau sapwood, which is white, pale yellow or buff coloured.


    The Merbau wood grain is unique and variable, but generally interlocked or wavy, which produces a ribbon figure on the radial surface. The timber boasts a coarse but even texture.


    Above Ground Class 1  / In ground Class 3. Termite resistant and Fire rated

    Sizes available

    42 x 19 / 68 x 19 / 90 x 19 / 140 x 19 / 140 x 25 / 140 x 31 mm (Reeded pattern available on request)

    In Stock


    Select Grade –all  Pencil Round Edges – flat 2 faces or Ripple bottom face –all Kiln Dried

    Decking Lengths

    Decking in random lengths from 0.9 – 5.4 m

    Screening Set Lengths

    42 x 19 / 70 x 19 / 90 x 19  mm  0.9 – 3.6 m lengths (300 mm increments)

  • Commercial Hardwood Decking

    Boardwalks, bridges, jetties, wharves, pontoons and nature trails

    Commercial decking timber is ideal for applications such as coastal boardwalks, pedestrian and light vehicle bridges, jetties, wharves, pontoons and nature trails or any application where a quality, durable timber with proven performance is a necessity for minimum maintenance.

    Ideally, the commercial decking timbers chosen should have:

    • A Natural Durability Rating of 1 or 2 in-ground contact or;
    • A rating of 1 or 2 outside above ground as appropriate or ;
    • Should be preservative treated timbers that have been treated to H3 or H4 as appropriate.

    At Garde Timber, we supply Class 1 Durability Timbers including either Sapwood Treated Spotted Gum or Queensland Ironbark.

    For the design and construction of decks for commercial, industrial or marine applications, or where a deck has to take heavier loads such as tiles, spas or even vehicles, a structural engineer must be consulted.

    The general grade descriptions provided by the relevant Australian Standards (AS 2082 – Visually Stress-Graded Hardwood)

    Pre-Oiling is available on request

    Surface Texture

    Decking therefore should be rough sawn all round or sized on two edges and one face (underside) only.Slip resistance regulations may apply – refer relevant authorities.

    Arrises and Corners

    A 3 millimetre arris should be specified on the top corners. Often seasoned decking is obtainable with rounded corners. Such treatment of arises or corners will reduce the likelihood of splintering and improve the performance of coatings.


    Commercial Hardwood Decking is available in random lengths or set lengths subject to availability at the time.

    Hardwood Unseasoned

    Finished or Sized Dimensions in: (35/45 x 70 *) 35/45 x 90 *) (35/45 x 120 *) (35/45 x 140 *)

    Stress Grades F14, F17, F22

    Finish: Dressed on the bottom face. Two sides with rounded edges providing a gauged thickness and rough sawn on the top face for a non-slip finish, also aiding in minimising face checking or hairline cracking. Experience has shown that timber with a sawn upper face provides greater long-term weathering ability than a dressed surface.

    Hardwood Seasoned

    Finished or Sized Dimensions in: (35/45 x 70 *) (35/45 x 90 *) (35/45 x 120 *)(35/45 x 140 *)

    Stress Grades: F17 , F27

    Finish: Dressed all round generally to a moisture content of around 18 % EMC

  • Composite Decking

    Modwood – Australian Made

    ModWood decking combines stylish form with practical function, making it the perfect solution for a range of commercial and residential applications – from small private patios and garden edging to large pool areas.

    As a composite timber decking company, our products are made from a combination of plastic and recycled wood. They can therefore offer long-lasting great performance without as much need for staining, oiling, painting, and the other ongoing maintenance that traditional timber requires.

    Because it is able to withstand the most extreme Aussie weather conditions – and is resistant to termites – our boards offer a long-lasting and cost-effective alternative to conventional timber boards. They also don’t splinter, making them safe for children and ideal for use around commercial buildings.

    ModWood’s privacy screens and fencing products are another attractive and low-maintenance solution to preserving privacy in a stylish but functional way.

    We are a composite timber decking company committed to sustainability, and use environmentally friendly building practices and materials in the manufacture of our products. Our boards contain predominantly recycled or reclaimed materials, and no chemicals which could leach out and damage the environment.

  • Hardwood Screening +Screening Panels

    Durable Set Length Hardwoods


    Suited for many applications including internal or external screens, fencing, balustrading, wall panels, infill panels, privacy screening,seating and features adding contemporary style to any home.

    Natural Hardwood  Screening is an ideal way to enclose an outdoor entertaining area or provide that perfect backdrop to any landscape.

    Enjoy your outdoor space without prying eyes or cover up an eyesore with a horizontal or vertical screen with high durability kiln dried Hardwoods supplied by Garde Timber.

    Best Oiled with Sikkens or Intergrain External Coatings.

    Species available

    Spotted Gum  – Mixed Brown Tones     ***   42 x 19 mm / 68 x 19 mm / 90 x 19 mm / 31 x 31 mm / 40 x 40 mm / 70 x 35 / 70 x 45 ***  0.9 – 3.6 m lengths

    Blackbutt – Blonde Tones ***42 x 19 / 68 x 19 / 90 x 19  / 30 x 30 mm / 40 x 40 mm / 70 x 35 / 70 x 45  ***0.9 – 3.6 m lengths

    Mixed Species Hardwood – Mixed Colours  ***42 x 19 / 68 x 19/ 90 x 19 / 31 x 31 / 42 x 42 / 68 x 32 / 68 x 42 mm *** 0.9 – 3.6 m lengths

    Merbau / Kwila – Dark Brown *** 42 x 19 / 68 x 19 / 90 x 19 / 31 x 31 / 42 x 42  / 68 x 31 / 68 x 42 mm ***0.9 – 3.6 m lengths

    New Guinea Rosewood – Pinkish brown***42 x 19 / 65 x 19 / 86 x 19 / 30 x 30 / 40 x 30 / 40 x 40 / 85 x 30 / 65 x 40 / 85 x 40 ***1.8 – 3.0 m lengths

    Tasmanian Oak (Internal Application only) – Blonde to pinkish tones **42 x 19 / 65 x 19 / 90 x 19 / 32 x 32 / 42 x 42  / 65 x 32 / 65 x 42  ***0.9 – 3.6 m lengths

    Please note lengths over 1.2 m will require 3 fixing points 

  • Screening Panels Pre-Made

    Durable Hardwood Screening panels Pre-Oiled


    Got a General Enquiry?

    If you have questions or are looking for something specific please submit your enquiry below.

    AFS Chain of Custody

    Garde Timber sells Pentarch Decking Timber which has implemented AFS Chain of Custody certification to support responsible and sustainable forest management in Australia.

    Pentarch Timbers Chain of Custody certification meets the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) AS 4707-2006. AFCS has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) – the largest forest management certifier in the world.

    All Pentarch Timber manufacturing sites are Chain of Custody certified, meaning all products from these sites are certified and can be traced from processing to distribution, and are produced using certified, legal and sustainably managed sources.

    Decking Timber in bushfire prone areas

    In many parts of Australia, the construction of new buildings and additions to existing buildings will be assessed as being in a Bushfire Prone Area. The relevant Australian Standard — AS 3959 — provides for a range of Bushfire Attack Levels for proposed construction. Each Level is based on the assessed threat and as the assessed threat increases, so do the restrictions on the building materials that may be used. Where there are restrictions on the building materials, timber is permitted in the lower levels provided the timber species meets certain criteria.

    There are 2 main criteria:

    1. For some applications, AS 3959 indicates that there are no requirements or permits the use of timber. For such applications any timber may be used (where appropriate) provided that the timber meets the requirements of all the other standards and codes that apply to the construction.
    2. For some applications, AS 3959 restricts the use of timber to a fire-retardant-treated timber. However, the Standard does provide that some timber species are capable of meeting the required parameters (for resisting fire) without having to be subjected to fire retardant treatment. Again, the timber used must meet the requirements of all the other standards and codes that apply to the construction.