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Timber Coating Services Available

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Here are some of the Timber Coating options and processes we can provide to your next DIY project.

  • Timber Slab filling of cracks / splits / gum vein using Epox-E Glue with black pigment or clear Glasscoat Epoxy Resin for larger pours.
  • Polishing of Slabs and Laminated Bench Tops with 2 Pack Polyurathane – Satin or Gloss finish in Mirotone Brand.
  • Precision Docking to length – eg Stair Treads / Sleepers / Heavy Haulage Dunnage.
  • Finishing Sanding of Timber to polishing stage -up to 320 Grit.
  • Pencil Round profiling of edges eg Bench Tops / Custom Step Treads.
  • Cutting of Sink / Tap / Cooktop / waste holes to template in Bench Tops.
  • Large Hardwood Blocks precision docked to length for Commercial Dunnage Blocks with stencilled part numbers.
  • Forest Redgum Slab Filled with epoxy fillers and resins, sink cut-out to customers specification and polished in 2 Pack Polyurathane.

If you still have questions about our timber coating experience or our services please call Garde Timber on 07 3277 6848

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